2022 Coliseum Central
Annual Meeting

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Mission Impossible:
Employee Retention in 2022

You know that employees are critical to the success of your business. However, you may not realize that retention starts with the hiring process and continues through their tenure. This presentation will explore:

Join Traci Powers as she explores:

  • The importance of hiring the right employees (and tips on how to do so)

  • Top five reasons employees stay (and leave)

  • The cost of employee turnover

  • What matters to employees (with practical ideas to get them to stick around)


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Remarks from

Mayor Donnie Tuck

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Coliseum Central President

Sonya Daniels


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Executive Director

Raymond Tripp

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2022 Annual Meeting


2021 Year-In-Review


About Coliseum Central

The Coliseum Central Business Improvement District (BID) is a special service-taxing district authorized under Virginia Commonwealth Law. It was formed by action of the Hampton City Council in 1996 and has been subsequently renewed three times, with its next renewal in 2021. It encompasses over 1,900 commercial acres and represents over 650 Hampton, Virginia property owners and businesses. Coliseum Central is located at the intersection of I-64 and I-664 and is situated halfway between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.

Coliseum Central gets its funding from a surtax on the property taxes of commercial properties within the boundaries of the BID. Local property owners pay .07 cents per 100 dollars of their assessed valuation to fund the operations of Coliseum Central. This "surtax" funding is matched on a dollar for dollar basis by the City of Hampton, and these two sources of funds account for most of the revenues of the BID. The BID also received other revenues from event sponsorships, from contracted contributions to certain programs and from other sources.

Coliseum Central uses its revenues to fund a number of projects, programs and initiatives that are designed to enhance and improve the Coliseum Central District. These include enhancement and improvement efforts related to upgrading the physical appearance of the District, enhancement and improvement efforts related to improving the level of safety and security of the District, and enhancement and improvement efforts related to the marketing and promotion of the District.